Legal Insights and the Rule of Law

Yo, listen up, let’s talk about the law
fitness to practise rules 2004, yeah, that’s what we saw
Legal consultant definition, what does it mean?
A consultant to the rescue, keeping the legal scene clean
Consumer protection laws, what’s that about?
Protecting the consumers, no need to doubt
When can you move out, when are you free?
Legally allowed to move, check it and see
Are plastic knuckles legal to own and to hold?
Understanding the laws, so you’re not sold
Abode law, what’s that all about?
Your legal rights in your humble abode
Can you print a 1096 form online, is it legit?
Check the legal requirements, don’t just submit
Do criminal lawyers go to court, is it their place?
Representing clients, the lawyer’s grace
The jupiter agreement, what does it entail?
Legal insights, expert guidance, without fail
Gambling rules and regulations, what’s the deal?
Knowing the laws, so you can keep it real