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We also observed that the casual user would have a hard time understanding the opportunities that they have to support the Gift of Music. An integral part of their support program allows parents and students to rent musical instruments with The Gift of Music and a portion of those rental fees provide ongoing support. I received a total of 77 responses from the survey questions sent out. After collecting the results and analyzing the results, it was noticed that 53.2% of the people were interested in buying okrika products online, 15.6% weren’t sure if they would and the remaining said they wouldn’t buy. Also, 61% agreed that they would sell their products online, 18.2% not sure and the remaining, with the NO resopnse. To counteract consumer hesitation and improve sales, sellers should promote cost savings and provide in-depth product information to build trust and convey quality.

Jiji Case Study

With extensive real-world knowledge and experience, JiJi Technologies maximize technology investments and achieve measurable cost savings. I imbue empathy through user experience and interface design. This showed that a greater percentage were willing to buy and sell okrika products online. Capital is relatively low — The amount of capital required to start okrika business is relatively low, since you do not need to pay for a shop, you can even hawk the products about.

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Schools, offices and places where many people gather — churches, conference centres, etc. Follow shops / sellers whom they find comfort with the services they offer. Be able to search for products , shop names and sellers. To allow buyers buy any product of their choice at a quick glance without going to the real market.

COVID-19 tracker: Japan logs 90542 new cases as surge continues – The Japan Times

COVID-19 tracker: Japan logs 90542 new cases as surge continues.

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She is passionate about championing the discourse of self-actualization, mental health, and identity for young adults. She believes that with the right content and community, young people can become better equipped and empowered to “figure it out”. She is a writer, digital marketing strategist, and an ardent creative at heart. I’m here to help you create a highly strategic website that supports your business growth for many years to come. This page although containing the necessary information, didn’t obey design principle. Items and contents where not placed in an ordely form, the use of whitespace was neglected so as consistency.


The heritage craftsmanship of arches and tall Doric columns are well restored adorning the space with its classical beauty. Each element has been intricately chosen and custom-designed to fit in this retro space and contemporary style. Taking in the gold motif on the centre of the ceiling with the chandelier in between with spotlights in all corners gives the wooden flooring a glow of warmth. Leaf cutouts in the furniture complement the walls with the same design.

Jiji Case Study

This paper concludes that there is a potential for legal norms to become a tool of empowerment and poverty reduction, when formalization is seen as a way to improve the vendors’ lives. This research highlights the need for governments to look into legal norms from alternative and innovative approaches that use the law as a tool for development and not only as a tool of control. Recent scholarship contends that the rise of shopping malls, gated communities, and gentrification as well as citizens’ withdrawal to the private realm have eroded public life in U.S. and Latin American cities.

User Flow

Achieving all the processes above, it was now time to come up with the interface designs for this project. I used colors that would not only blend but colors that would provide comfort and satisfaction to the users eye. Okrika business which includes the trading of “used clothes” or “Tokumbo products” is a business anybody can do with reasonable amount of certainty for profit and low risk of business failure.

Is the corresponding directory you will find my first Console Command named HelloSuperJoomlerCommand.php which just says “Hello Super Joomler”. But another directory more interesting is Article directory where are all Article related Commands. Urjita spent her impressionable years in drawing, designing and most of all, writing.

User Goals

While the use of e-commerce is obviously beneficial and has been implemented by millions of companies all over the world, in line with its benefits, companies have also faced certain challenges. Among others, they have realized that ensuring customer satisfaction and developing customers’ trust of e-commerce services is no easy task, yet it is a very important task for the long-term growth of a business. Jiji is a free online classifieds website where local businesses and customers meet and engage. The platform connects buyers to sellers within their local regions and makes it easier for sellers to showcase their products online with a free account.

  • This project and challenge was a short but amazing one.
  • I adapt Lofland’s typology of fleeting, quasi-primary, and intimate secondary relations in public to examine social interactions in street markets, flea markets, and shopping malls.
  • People who are looking for help, on the other hand, rush to Google for help.
  • The core of designing copywriting is to capture the user’s psychology and the selling point of the product and retain the user with clever language.
  • Essentially, you dominate all top positions in your specific category.
  • A number of performance problems have been observed for e-commerce Web sites, and much work has gone into characterizing the performance of Web servers and Internet applications .

I had more understanding about the trivia market industry and had the opportunity of applying a few things I learnt before jumping on this project. Edit the statuses and availability of products in their store. Be able to place orders for products they find pleasing.

Scoring record high ARPU while improving LTV with AppsFlyer and CleverTap

Okrika clothes, Okrika bags, okrika shoes is very popular among Nigerians which makes Okrika business very lucrative. However the customers of these e-commerce systems are less well studied. In an area such as e-commerce, customers demand a high quality of the service they receive, since it is easy to move away to another site if they perceive the current one to be unsatisfactory. Customer satisfaction has been described as a consumer’s post evaluation of a purchased product or service, given pre-purchase expectations . Striving for customer satisfaction is no different than good commerce.


Transparency — Our user research told us that people want transparency in how the programs at The Gift of Music work and how the money and other donations are put to use. People only want to give when they know their money is used to benefit the children and isn’t being spent on expensive overhead and salaries. We added this transparency by clearly showing on the home page how the money received is spent and by giving donors the option to Jiji Case Study allocate their funds to the parts of the program they want to support. In each customer journey, we focused on the feelings and pain points each user would face and brainstormed on how we can design a website to mitigate those pain points and elevate those lows to highs. A majority of our pain paints stemmed from being unsure if they could find the information they needed to make a decision and that is where we focused our design efforts.

  • Selecting the CTA button is better than not selecting it.
  • Recent scholarship contends that the rise of shopping malls, gated communities, and gentrification as well as citizens’ withdrawal to the private realm have eroded public life in U.S. and Latin American cities.
  • While ad networks offer relatively low RPM, the website could easily generate lots of income thanks to their huge daily traffic.
  • If you are interested in cross-border e-commerce or advertising optimization, you can also check CommerceInspector.
  • Jiji is a free online classifieds website where local businesses and customers meet and engage.
  • In five years Jiji has grown into a team of nearly 400 people.

I chose to work on this because this aspect of the industry is sometimes neglected but the truth is that, people still buy and sell these products on a daily basis and the market keeps booming no matter the state of the financial looks any country. Ok-boutique is an E-commerce platform that enhances the efforts of okrika sellers, maximize profits and value using technology to reach out to a wider range of consumers. Identify the effect of e-commerce on service delivery to customers. Ever since the introduction of e-commerce in the 1990s thanks to the World Wide Web , online trade has taken the world by storm.

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